SALVICTION - Grief​​-​​stricken


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released December 1, 2015

DIY 15



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D.I.Y. Koło Records Kolo, Poland

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Track Name: At The End There Is Only Silence
this is where this story ends
i feel the hate of the world
if only i could hide from the inevitable
such terrifying
can be loud
blows my head off
memories escape, they all disappear
image before my eyes is already distorted
shapes and shadows
indicate that this is the end
so quiet
this is our world
how it will remember me?
Track Name: The Pattern Of God's Truth
the dominance of so-called tradition
all this christian patterns
disgust manifested by hatred
ordinary prejudice
times of middle ages are left behind us
but just look around at this world
education based on lie
sick rules of holy morality
nothing changes
still don't accept otherness
what you don't understand
you call a perversion
what is natural
for you is a sin
entrenched patterns
that don't allow to think
you're afraid to oppose
it's easier to prove contemt
middle ages passed away
ignorance remains in you
Track Name: There Will Be Blood
i'm like a famished beast devoid of inhibitions
your remorse will devour your degenerated heart
your hands are full of blood, disgraced by murder
but now you have no place to run
for the entire industrial slavery and cages full of death
for cruelty to living beings and hunting for joy
for testing shit on animals and wearing their skins
you'll be ragged from your skin, piece by piece
piece by piece
you'll be ragged from your skin
there will be blood
Track Name: Black Sunday
huge temples
full of splendor
trays full of coins
goblets stuffed with gold
for god and the power blood raining down
opium for the masses
slavery and fear - tool of the priests
hysteria and tears
your life means nothing, you are a puppet
driven by lash
there is no god
no voice to guide
this is a one big lie
he wasn't born
he doesn't exist
religion was founded
to deceive you
your whole life
you were lied
time to revenge
this is a black sunday
sharpening claws
baring fangs
destroy this order
this is a black sunday
churches will burn
priests will be hang
vengeance is near
this is a black sunday
churches will burn
priests will be hang
vengeance is near
vengeance is me
there still no god
still no god
churches will burn
priests will be hang
vengeance is near
full of shit and falsehood
get outta my face
take up your cross, go the fuck away
i'm your mortal sin
your churches burnings
inverted crosses means your end
Track Name: No Salvation
turning into a mindless machine
in the service of lords, doing what you're told
intimidated by his god, under the whip
giving your remnants of life
on your knees, ragged with dignity
without hope for a better tomorrow
no gods
no masters
we will not be saved by them
there is no second place
no second life
how long you want to be downtrodden?
how long you want to be deceived?
how long will you let them do this?
no gods
no masters
we will not be saved by them
Track Name: Waking Up
one day we'll wake up and it just will be too late
how long can you talk about the endless self-destruction?
the world is dying and we along with it