Fight Them All - S​/​T

by DIY 22 FIGHT THEM ALL ( 7''ep )

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released October 3, 2015

DIY 22



all rights reserved


D.I.Y. Koło Records Kolo, Poland

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Track Name: Intro/Go Skate
home alone, looking lame
concrete's calling out your name
go skate!
Track Name: No Stress
steady job and a car, retarded show on tv,
settled in suburbs, life goes on peacefully,
nothing to care for, no struggle no strife
what happens next door - no fucking problem of mine
protected from violence
protected from truth
you ignorant fuck
nothing bothers you
protected from violence
tension won't get in your way
your life's dull as fuck
keep pretending it's ok
always searching for calm
obsessed with security
all the cruelty and stress
don't wanna know
don't wanna see
Track Name: Nothing For You
don't know how they made it
for so fucking long
stealing and lying
we believed nothing was wrong
forgot their priorities
as soon as they got
their high rank positions
they didn't need to look back
nothing for me
money's too strong, the power's too real
nothing for you
we mean nothing for them, gotta accept the deal
fairy tales, promises
silly slogans and the ads
is it enough for you
to support their acts?
don't fool yourself
they've got nothing to bring
your vote is worthless
it won't change anything
don't expect any change
at least not from them
they'll be emptying our pockets
again and again
Track Name: Distorted
a few impressions - for you that's enough
opinion's formed, will never back off

portrait me as something you always wanted
keep idolizing just to get disapointed

depending on me like i'm only around
you're so fucking wrong, i'll just let you down
lost your criticism, ignore all the facts
blind acceptance, complete trust

can't get you off my back, always in need for support
high expectations, think i'll never fall short

i'll just let you down..
Track Name: Flag
waving the flag
so everyone's aware
of your pride and strength
but i dont fucking care

patriotic nonsense alluring the dumb
constant brainwashing, until mind is gone

nothing to hold on to
no sense in your life
so you keep yourself busy
fighting dumb fights

bunch of fairytales
forced in your empty skull
somebody's mindless puppet
so easy to control

proud of your country, proud of your descent
stop fooling yourself, put this bullshit to an end
Track Name: Easy Livin'
image of freedom forced into our heads
we've got no mind of our own

they moderated our needs, no ability to choose
just an army of fucking clones

easy livin' I became too numb
someone's living for me
seems it doesn't take too much for us
to call this living free

our brains evaporated, minds in decay
need to be told what to do

all gave up on our own senses
not a bit of will to fight through
Track Name: So Funny
everythings so damn funny
nothing that you wouldn't laugh off
easier for you to play the clown
than sincerely get to the point

sick of this comedy
sick of you
sick of this farce
i'm fucking through

keep laughing, have fun
now i dont really care
laugh now, cry later
it's not my affair
Track Name: Unplug Me
you know you can't help me
but you seem so concerned
about my life and death
i don't need your helping hand

all your fucking efforts
are futile and lead nowhere
all the hope is long gone
so why do you still care

please unplug me
enough of distress
please unplug me
put me to the rest

does it make you feel better?
cause it doesnt do it for me
you have your conscience clean
and for me only suffering